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  • Amankora thimphu

    Bhutan’s 5 best luxury hotels

    Though five-star luxury may not be the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of Bhutan, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ does offer a selection of stunning hotels, strategically placed around the country so that every corner has somewhere that offe...
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  • Dill restaurant

    5 exciting dining experiences for you to try in Reykjavik, Iceland

    Not too many years ago, Iceland faced an economic recession that threatened to put restaurants out of business due to the inability to obtain expensive imported ingredients. Out of necessity, chefs turned to locally-grown and raised ingredients and the res...
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    10 Provencal activities not to be missed!

    Holidays are about relaxing, but that doesn’t mean sitting around sunbathing all day long. Provence is such an incredibly varied region and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of activities available. From cooking to mountain biking, ...
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  • Uncharted africa mobiles

    10 of the best African safaris

    When defining the World’s best safaris of course there’s an awful lot that goes into it, and much of this will of course be based on personal opinion. The following luxury safaris are by no means the be all and end all, but are a very good starting point...
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  • 0007 villa elda rome italy

    10 lakeshore villas for an unforgettable Spring getaway

    Spring is round the corner and, as the days get longer and the temperatures warmer, it is the perfect time of the year to plan a vacation by the lake. From Lazio to Tuscany to the lake region in Lombardy, Italy has a lot to offer when it comes to historica...
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  • Thonga beach lodge

    5 beachside getaways on the KwaZulu-Natal coast

    Long days of sunshine, a sub-tropical climate, and miles of warm Indian Ocean washing footsteps off sandy beaches make KwaZulu-Natal a popular holiday destination in South Africa. Whether you prefer beaches with buzzing nightlife on its doorstep, or the qu...
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  • 1 intro volcano 1

    5 of the best hacienda/hotels in the Ecuadorian Andes

    In the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Ecuadorian highlands you can discover the rustic charm of Andean haciendas filled with Spanish colonial history and natural splendor. Yet, a closer look will reveal that these one-time mountain hacienda/hotels have be...
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  • Chitwa chitwa

    A must-visit for any luxury safari wishlist

    We have been lucky enough to visit some of Africa’s most luxurious and unique camps and lodges – in fact, you’d be hard pushed to find one that we haven’t been to. One that should be on everyone’s wishlist is Chitwa Chitwa in the Sabi Sands...
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  • The old stamp house 460x385

    5 of the best restaurants in the Lake District

    Spring in the Lake District is a time of transition and awakening. And it’s a particularly good time of year to enjoy its world-class cuisine. Yes! Cumbria has become quite the foodie mecca and is now home to 4 Michelin-starred restaurants and a vast arra...
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  • Crystal esprit owners suite 460 385

    Top 5 luxury cruise ships

    Many cruise lines market themselves as luxury, but which luxury cruise ships truly deserve the moniker? For most luxury travelers, it’s not just about the suite or stateroom, but also the level of service, food, and overall attention to detail. Here ...
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  • Hotel maria cristina hotel entrance

    Short stay: Bette Davis Suite, Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastian, Spain

    The elegant Hotel Maria Cristina is a member of the Luxury Collection, has 136 rooms and was designed by Charles Mew̬s Рa French architect who was also behind the Ritz hotels in both Paris and Madrid. Since its opening in 1912 it has been a firm fa...
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  • Ristorante museo canova tadolini

    6 of Rome’s most romantic restaurants

    In many cases, the best restaurants in Rome are so concerned with their food, that they lack atmosphere. Since the entire city of Rome can be a stage for romance, it is important to find restaurants that not only serve great food, but also maintain and enh...
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  • Retail therapy

    5 top tips for a chic Toronto city break

    Toronto is Canada’s east coast wonder city, and top choice for a city break holiday. Canada’s answer to Manhattan, the young and vibrant city is infectious, and after one visit to Toronto you will want to pack your bags and move here! Whether you...
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  • Azotea del circulo

    Madrid: the rooftops with the best views

    There is a popular phrase in Spanish that says “de Madrid al cielo” meaning “from Madrid to heaven”. It may come as a surprise to those who are not familiar with this splendid city, but one of the best qualities that Madrid has to offer is its sky. Mad...
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  • Puri ganesha aerial view 2

    5 vegan luxury experiences in Bali

    The island of Bali conjures up images of tropical beaches, majestic volcanos and lush natural beauty, once you escape from the congested streets of Denpasar and the busy tourist areas in the South, you really can find your very own slice of paradise on thi...
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  • The yew tree inn1

    Glorious grouse: where to taste the first game of the season in Britain

    For British foodies, the 12th Augusth – or the Glorious Twelfth as it is known – is one of the culinary events of the British calendar. It marks the opening of the new shooting season, starting with one of our favourite native game birds: grouse. Since ...
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  • Fagan’s cross

    5 Hana views and the fun ways to find them

    Heavenly Hana. From the surf and sand to the lush, tropical foliage that surrounds its many waterfalls. Only 50 or so miles from bustling Kahului, it’s another side of Maui. The legendary Road to Hana has a view at just about every turn. Trouble is there ...
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  • Bologna

    Best DIY bites in Bologna

    Medieval Bologna is home to one of Europe’s best-preserved town centers, full of graceful terracotta porticos, majestic towers and landmark churches. It also has the oldest university in the western world, which almost begs to be explored via a walking to...
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  • Serengeti

    5 safari parks where you can see the Big 5

    If you are planning an African safari and are keen to see the Big 5 (African buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino), not all the parks will afford you this luxury. Sadly, the rhino has been poached to extinction in many of the parks, but there are sti...
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  • 1. bukhara

    The world’s best curry: 6 unmissable Indian restaurants

    India is a country that is best enjoyed when the traveller makes full use of all his senses. The kaleidoscopic colours of a Hindu temple, the hot sugar smell of jabeli being fried at a roadside stall, the laughter and shouts of a billion people busying abo...
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  • Zebra

    4 wild and wonderful safari destinations in South Africa

    Living on a planet filled with so many wonders, you might ask: “Why visit South Africa? What is so unique about this part of the world?” South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country offering something special for every visitor. Once you have visited t...
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  • Hammerhead diver s

    Photograph of the week: Close encounter with a great hammerhead shark

    The Bahamas is a shark diving hot spot and the island if Bimini delivers an adrenaline rush of a dive that gets you up close and personal with great hammerhead sharks. The sharks are not shy and offer a unique photographic opportunity to those that love th...
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  • Salvador

    Top 3 colonial destinations in Brazil

    Like much of South America, Brazil was colonised in the 16th century. The Portuguese landed in 1500 and their mark remains on the country to this day. From pretty painted buildings to elaborate churches, cobbled streets and a rich history, there is much to...
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  • Boat charter bcn1

    The best way to see Barcelona… by boat!

    As the weather warms up, and summer is well on its way, there’s no better way to explore the city, soak up the rays and relax, than by riding the waves of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Forget traipsing around the city as the weather hits the 30 degree ...
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  • Rio christ the redeemer

    The 5 best restaurants of Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro, “a cidade Maravilhosa”, latest host to the Fifa World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, is home to some of the world’s best restaurants, serving up local Brazilian dishes, exotic tropical foods, and gastronomic fusions that will blow your ...
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  • Mexico beach crop 460x385

    6 luxury resorts with their own private airstrips

    One of the main benefits of flying privately is the unrivalled comfort and convenience that it provides you with. What more convenience could you want than flying directly into the stunning luxury resort youre staying in using their own dedicated airstrip?...
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  • Gleneagles

    A luxury par 3 in Scotland

    Whether an independent country or part of the United Kingdom, Scotland has plenty to offer the luxury traveller. It has breathtaking scenery, rugged coastlines, a proud culture, centuries of heritage and this year is the Year of the Homecoming – a ye...
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  • 6 tips for a perfect weekend in washington dc

    6 top tips for a perfect weekend in Washington, DC

    Washington, DC may be best known to international visitors as the capital of the U.S. and home of the White House, which will soon have a new occupant, but its many museums and memorials make it a popular destination for U.S. residents as well. Since the c...
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  • Parga 600x500.jpg.optimal

    Why Greece is a Fall destination

    An acclaimed summer destination for the entire world, Greece has successfully entered the top 25-list of countries that travelers select for their summer vacation. Usually, by referring to summer the months of July, August and September come to mind and th...
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  • National geographic garrison globe.jpg.optimal

    Top 10 luxury travel gifts for him this Christmas (US & Canada edition)

    Finding unique travel gifts is never easy, especially when you’re buying for someone who already seemingly has everything they need.  Whether you’re looking for something to put a smile on his face, or a gift that pulls out all the stops, we ho...
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