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  • Malaysia

    Top 7 unforgettable experiences in Malaysia

    Malaysia, one of the most enticing destinations in South East Asia, is all about white beaches, tropical islands and delicious food. With a wide range of activities, a divine cuisine and beautiful accommodation this exotic country has something for everyon...
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  • Snow monkey shaking head japan

    3 ‘only-in-Japan’ experiences not to be missed

    I don’t know where I was when I first heard there was a new taste: umami. Surely you can’t discover a taste, can you? It’s like saying scientists have just designed a new emotion or announced a thicker type of gravity. To be fair, it is ...
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  • Wildlife1

    Top 7 destinations to see wildlife in its natural habitat

    As wildlife is now becoming more endangered than ever there are many different nature preserves that are doing everything they can to protect the wildlife. All of the hotels below are not only luxury places to stay and see wildlife in their natural habitat...
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  • 1

    10 Provencal activities not to be missed!

    Holidays are about relaxing, but that doesn’t mean sitting around sunbathing all day long. Provence is such an incredibly varied region and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of activities available. From cooking to mountain biking, ...
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  • Landmannalaugar iceland hig

    7 extraordinary ways to enjoy a luxury adventure in Iceland

    Extraordinary landscapes have already cemented Iceland’s place as an adventurer’s paradise. But while plenty of countries have glaciers and mountains, or even active volcanoes, there are few destinations that can boast as many incredible and rare experie...
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  • Dill restaurant

    5 exciting dining experiences for you to try in Reykjavik, Iceland

    Not too many years ago, Iceland faced an economic recession that threatened to put restaurants out of business due to the inability to obtain expensive imported ingredients. Out of necessity, chefs turned to locally-grown and raised ingredients and the res...
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  • 0007 villa elda rome italy

    10 lakeshore villas for an unforgettable Spring getaway

    Spring is round the corner and, as the days get longer and the temperatures warmer, it is the perfect time of the year to plan a vacation by the lake. From Lazio to Tuscany to the lake region in Lombardy, Italy has a lot to offer when it comes to historica...
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  • Chalet verbier swiss alps switzerland the lodge cha

    Europe’s top 6 luxury chalets

    As the first leaves turn red and yellow and the cooler breezes announce the arrival of the fall, it is time to start thinking about your winter holidays. If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and relaxing in a stunning natural environment, the following chale...
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  • Rome better kept secret residece palazzo al velabro 1

    Don’t miss this better kept secret in Rome – as seen in The Guardian

    Rome is the perfect city to enjoy the incredible romance of Renaissance palazzos, drink in the beautiful Baroque fountains and surround yourself with incredible Roman classical ruins. Wander out in the evening in that special pulsating energy that permeate...
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  • Uncharted africa mobiles

    10 of the best African safaris

    When defining the World’s best safaris of course there’s an awful lot that goes into it, and much of this will of course be based on personal opinion. The following luxury safaris are by no means the be all and end all, but are a very good starting point...
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  • Chitwa chitwa

    A must-visit for any luxury safari wishlist

    We have been lucky enough to visit some of Africa’s most luxurious and unique camps and lodges – in fact, you’d be hard pushed to find one that we haven’t been to. One that should be on everyone’s wishlist is Chitwa Chitwa in the Sabi Sands...
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  • Pompidou centre malaga

    Iconic French Pompidou Centre branches out to Malaga, Spain

    Yet another reason to visit Malaga! Malaga is one of those oft overlooked cities, underrated and underappreciated even amongst other Andalusian capitals such as Seville and Granada. Many people might be surprised to learn, for example, that Malaga has some...
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  • Our dog chasing leaves

    10 top tips for improving your 4K photography

    As many of you may recall from my introduction to 4K photography last month, I have been trialling the Panasonic LUMIX GX8 camera and its 4K capabilities. The camera allows me to shoot HD video at the rate of 30 frames per second, with each frame providing...
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  • Hawkshead brewery the beer hall 460x385

    Top dining pubs in the Lake District, UK

    In the Lake District you have  traditional 17th Century inns nestled at the foot of England’s tallest mountain or tucked along country lanes. Today, there’s also chic pubs on the shores of England’s largest lake.  Hand-crafted brewery’s di...
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  • Krog e barz

    A day trip on a traditional boat (“vieux grément”) to Houat island

    If you like the sound of an unforgettable day sailing to an island paradise, then this one is for you! Owner Jérôme Suillerot and boat captain Olivier will guide you across the Gulf of Morbihan aboard the 22-metre Krog E Barz, a traditional sailing ship wi...
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  • Samantha chalker

    Interview with Samantha Chalker, Editor of inBali

    Samantha Chalker is a freelance travel writer and marketer. She has been travelling for the better half of a decade, in between failed attempts at office jobs and a home loan. She is often told she’s curious, and sometimes told she’s vegan R...
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  • 1 six senses yao noi pool view

    2 luxury resorts in Southern Thailand where life is good (even for vegans)

    Southern Thailand has long been a premier destination for luxury travellers with beaches, diving, tropical landscapes and sunny weather drawing people from far and wide to check into one of the many luxury resorts on offer in the area. The people are frie...
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  • Crystal esprit owners suite 460 385

    Top 5 luxury cruise ships

    Many cruise lines market themselves as luxury, but which luxury cruise ships truly deserve the moniker? For most luxury travelers, it’s not just about the suite or stateroom, but also the level of service, food, and overall attention to detail. Here ...
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  • Butchart rose garden

    Springtime and flowers: gardens to visit in North America

    Springtime in England means blossom on our trees and flowers in our gardens; it also turns our minds to holidays and for the gardeners among us, perhaps the need for inspiration from gardens around the world. Here are some ideas of gardens to visit in Nort...
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  • Hotel maria cristina hotel entrance

    Short stay: Bette Davis Suite, Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastian, Spain

    The elegant Hotel Maria Cristina is a member of the Luxury Collection, has 136 rooms and was designed by Charles Mew̬s Рa French architect who was also behind the Ritz hotels in both Paris and Madrid. Since its opening in 1912 it has been a firm fa...
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  • Beach

    11 great reasons to visit amazing Oman now

    The Sultanate of Oman is a country of dramatic landscapes, endless coastline, rich history and friendly people. Enjoy the luxury hotels of the laidback capital Muscat, hike a mountain or escape into the Empty Quarter. This little known gem on the Arabian p...
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  • Ristorante museo canova tadolini

    6 of Rome’s most romantic restaurants

    In many cases, the best restaurants in Rome are so concerned with their food, that they lack atmosphere. Since the entire city of Rome can be a stage for romance, it is important to find restaurants that not only serve great food, but also maintain and enh...
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  • Luxury safari in kenya 3

    10 great reasons to take a luxury Kenya safari in 2015

    Kenya has taken an absolute battering recently and we feel so sorry for the guys out there, just trying to make ends meet. Terrorists are very active everywhere in the world and the terrorist threat in Kenya has recently dropped to almost nil. Kenya has so...
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  • Marthas vineyard

    5 ways to honeymoon in luxury on Martha’s Vineyard

    Want to start your new union off on the right foot? You could book a hotel in a busy city with a soundtrack of street noise. Or, you could opt for a luxurious, private stay in the glamorous and still gloriously secluded island of Martha’s Vineyard. Long a ...
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  • Retail therapy

    5 top tips for a chic Toronto city break

    Toronto is Canada’s east coast wonder city, and top choice for a city break holiday. Canada’s answer to Manhattan, the young and vibrant city is infectious, and after one visit to Toronto you will want to pack your bags and move here! Whether you...
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  • Beef fillet with chocolate

    Recipe of the week: Beef fillet with chocolate, port, fig and Brussels sprouts

    If the title for this recipe catches your attenion, then read on… dark chocolate and beef make a perfectly good match; with the sweet fig and earthy sprouts, these are definitely ideal seasonal ingredients. This winter dish makes a fabulous holiday m...
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  • Amankora thimphu

    Bhutan’s 5 best luxury hotels

    Though five-star luxury may not be the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of Bhutan, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ does offer a selection of stunning hotels, strategically placed around the country so that every corner has somewhere that offe...
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  • Paddleboarding with sharks

    Photograph of the week: Paddleboarding with sharks in Moorea

    The photographer pre-visualised this half under/half over image before arriving in French Polynesia. Having travelled there before he was captivated by the crystal clear waters and teeming sea life of the area but wanted to include a human element in the s...
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  • The old stamp house 460x385

    5 of the best restaurants in the Lake District

    Spring in the Lake District is a time of transition and awakening. And it’s a particularly good time of year to enjoy its world-class cuisine. Yes! Cumbria has become quite the foodie mecca and is now home to 4 Michelin-starred restaurants and a vast arra...
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  • Puri ganesha aerial view 2

    5 vegan luxury experiences in Bali

    The island of Bali conjures up images of tropical beaches, majestic volcanos and lush natural beauty, once you escape from the congested streets of Denpasar and the busy tourist areas in the South, you really can find your very own slice of paradise on thi...
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