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    VIDEO: Eating Roti Canai

    If you’re having trouble viewing this click here: This is a travel video of us eating roti canai near the Puduraya Bus Station at a great restaurant called ‘Restoran Anuja’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We came t...
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    VIDEO: Montreal Winter Travel Guide

    If you have trouble viewing this video click here: As part of my action plan to embrace winter while in Canada, I decided to head to Montréal, Québec for the weekend to experience a full day adventure of outdoors winter sports ...
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    VIDEO: Trucha – Eating grilled trout in Copacabana, Bolivia

    Trucha: Eating grilled trout in Copacabana, Bolivia When visit Copacabana, Bolivia the one must have meal is trucha (Spanish for trout) along the boardwalk...
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    VIDEO: Chinese Long Hair Performance

    Red Yao Hill Tribe Long Hair Performance at Lonji Longsheng Rice Terrace in Guilin, China (瑤族 – 瑶族) (龙胜梯田 – 龍勝梯田) Video Script: Today we are visiting a local hill tribe that just lives a few hours outside of Guilin and we’ve come here bec...
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  • 10 things to do in lombardy italy

    10 Things to do in Lombardy

    This past summer I was fortunate enough to spend an entire week traveling around the Lombary region of Italy. Half of my time was...
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    VIDEO: Islas Ballestas

    If you have trouble viewing this video click here: We spent the better part of our time in Peru gorging on food during our teaching practicum. When we did have a chance to venture off for the weekend, one of our favorite things...
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    Video: Berliner Currywurst

    Arriving just recently in Berlin one of the first things I wanted to do was sample authentic German street food. With the guidance of my lovely girlfriend Audrey (who has been to Germany several times) it was absolutely paramount -according to her – ...
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    VIDEO: Choeung Ek Killing Fields

    Having trouble viewing the video? In our latest travel video we visit The Killing Fields, known officially as Choeung Ek (ជើងឯក), just outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is the kind of tour where you come out with a heavy mi...
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    30 Things to do in Montreal

    30 Things to do in Montreal Travel Video, Photo Essay & Travel Guide   Heading back home to Canada for an extended period for the first time in years, I’ve been exploring my own backyard with a fresh set of eyes and unwavering enthusiasm.  W...
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    Standup Paddleboarding and Finnish Sauna #OutdoorsFinland

    On our final day of travel in Finland (day six) we had some exciting activities planned. In the morning we both tried Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) for the first time. The idea is that you stand up on this massive paddle board, which is a lot more stable th...
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  • Video: East Side Gallery

    As I wandered along the East Side Gallery on a frigid afternoon I couldn’t help but wonder what life must have been like in Berlin when the Berlin Wall divided the city. The 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall, along the river Spree, is now an int...
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    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary #ThisIsQueensland

    When Audrey and I first found out we were coming to Queensland, Australia one of the first things we got really excited about was to potentially have a chance to have authentic encounters with animals native to Australia.  Holding a koala, petting and feed...
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    VIDEO: Visiting Hagia Sophia

    Visiting Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey (Ἁγία Σοφία – Sancta Sophia – Ayasofya) Travel Video. Video Script: Today we’re outside of Hagia Sophia. One of the true landmarks of Istanbul. And over the years this has been an Orthodox Cathedr...
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    VIDEO: Exploring Old Jerusalem

    Visiting Jerusalem including a tour around Mahane Yehuda Market and Old Jerusalem, Israel Video Script: Today we’ve got a lot activities planned. We’re going to be covering a lot of Jerusalem, so this is just a compilation of our day’s ad...
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    VIDEO: Yanghshuo Night Market

    A tour of Yangshuo night life including visiting a night market and eating Chinese street food (阳朔夜市和街头食品) China. Video Script: So tonight is our very last night in Yangshuo, a charming little town in Southwestern China, so we’re going to show you ar...
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    VIDEO: Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

    After taking a ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland we arrived in Estonia where we showcase some of the top attractions and best things to do in Tallinn travel guide. Video Script: So today we find ourselves in Tallinn, Estonia. We took the ferry over from He...
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    VIDEO: Scottish Snacks Taste Test #BlogManay

    In our latest travel video we try eating Scottish snacks and Scottish junk food while sampling some Scottish drinks and beverages in Edinburgh, Scotland. We tried eating Haggis flavored crisps (or potato chips), Irn Bru cola, Rabbie’s original alcoho...
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    Horseback riding on Magnetic Island

    In order to experience the rugged charms of Magnetic Island we decided to go horseback riding. The horse I selected, Choci Brown, was a gentle creature with a rather quirky habit.  Given, it had rained heavily for days on end, prior to our arrival on Magne...
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  • Video: Ritter Sport – German Chocolate Taste Test

    If I could pinpoint the one main culprit thwarting my attempt to lose weight in Berlin it is this: Ritter Sport. Damn you, Ritter Sport. Your 100 gram square shaped bars that come in over thirty different delectable flavors costing less than a Euro certain...
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    VIDEO: Khmer New Year

    Having trouble viewing this video?  Click here: While wandering around in Battambang – on our first full day in the city – we noticed traditional Khmer temple music from off in the distance, and as we approached our...
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    Peak Tram and Views of Hong Kong Island

    For the best views of Hong Kong Island we took a tram ride up to the Peak.  As a tip for visitors, considering going in the late afternoon before the tourist hoards visit for nighttime views.  It’s spectacular at night; however, it can be so crowded ...
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    Video: Pee Pees Katzencafé

    We’ve visited cat cafes in three different countries – one in Korea, one in Thailand and one in Malaysia. This is going to be our first in Germany. This one is called Pee Pees Katzencafé here in Berlin. As soon as we walked into Pee Pee’s...
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    Visiting Petra #VisitJordan

    Visiting Petra, Jordan Travel Video (البتراء – Πέτρα) in the archaeological city of Ma’an. Video Script: So we finally made it to Petra and it was the best introduction ever. We had to walk through the canyon for about an hour with our guide an...
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    New Brunswick Highland Games

    New Brunswick Highland Games in Fredericton, Canada   “This is the most dangerous event for spectators,” announced a man sitting down in a lawn chair wielding a microphone.  Quickly, I nestled myself behind a tree shielding my body as my h...
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  • 25 Things to do in Berlin

    Arriving in Berlin, Germany from Bangkok, Thailand was admittedly a shock to the system.  Going from the steamy and chaotic urban jungle of Bangkok to the relatively spread out, orderly and laid back artsy city of Berlin was a welcome change.  Basing ourse...
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    VIDEO: Risotto alla Milanese #blogville

    If you have trouble viewing this video click here: One of our top priorities after arriving in Milan, Italy was to find some local cuisine that is unique to this region. Fortunately, through the help of some friends we discover...
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    VIDEO: Israeli and Arabic Street Food Tour

    Eating Israeli Street Food and Arabic Street Food touring around Jaffa – Tel Aviv, Israel Video Script: So today is our first morning in Israel. It is our first time in the Middle East and we’re super excited. And to start things off we’r...
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    VIDEO: Bergamo’s Polenta e osei #blogville

    If you have trouble viewing this video click here: While visiting the quaint town of Bergamo located in Lombardy, Italy little did we realize a unique Italian sweet originated from there. It was only after hearing about it from...
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  • VIDEO: Australian Animal Encounters

    Our trip to Australia was a real turning point for Audrey. In particular, she’s not fond of snakes. Getting close to one is pretty much out of question. Wrapping a snake around her neck? Forget about it! And yet, that is actually what she did after s...
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    VIDEO: Eating Milanesa in Buenos Aires

    Eating Milanesa in Buenos Aires, Argentina During our first brief visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina we visited El Club de la Milanesa for lunch...
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