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    13 Takeaways From a First-Time Tour Guide

    If you told me six months ago that I would have run two successful tours by May, I wouldn’t have believed you. How did this all come together? Leif and I met in Sri Lanka in November, became instant friends, and he told me about his plan to run a tour to E...
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    Introducing Limerick: Ireland’s City of Culture

    “The book made me want to kill myself.” This blunt statement is made by the girl sitting next to me, a travel writer from Bangalore. She’s talking about Angela’s Ashes, the enormously popular memoir by Frank McCourt that takes place...
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    My Worst Travel Moments of 2015

    You can’t have the bad without the good! Every year (and every month!) I like to write about the bad moments along with the good ones because I think it’s important to show that travel is not a prescription for a happy life. Even if you travel ...
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    In Odessa, Romance and Grandeur

    Several years ago, I was in Paris and perusing the books at Shakespeare and Company. As I lost myself in the colorful aisles, I came across a modest paperback: Moonlight in Odessa by Janet Skeslian Charles. I was intrigued by this city I knew so little abo...
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    25 Things I Learned the Hard Way While Traveling

    One thing is true about travel — we learn a lot of lessons along the way. And many of those lessons are the result of making major mistakes on the road. Not blogging errors. Not life errors. Just good old-fashioned travel errors. I thought it might b...
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    Skyhour: The Best Way to Give Flights (Plus, GIVEAWAY!)

    The following branded content post is brought to you by Skyhour. Once I learned about this new business and app, I thought it was a brilliant idea. And a giveaway for you, my lovely readers, to enjoy? Even better. Imagine you have a friend who loves to tra...
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    The Most Glorious Spirit: A Week of Gin in the UK

    My gin trip to the UK was one of the most interesting trips I have ever taken. I spent time with fascinating (and often off-the-wall) creative entrepreneurs, learning about how they ditched the 9-5 to make booze with their buddies. I visited stunning new r...
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    AK Monthly Recap: October 2017

    October in New York is fantastic. The best month of the year. And this was actually my first time experiencing an October in New York! Last October was split between Poland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Australia. I think October is a fantastic month t...
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    To The Racist I Had the Displeasure of Meeting Recently

    From our first conversation, I knew that you and I wouldn’t get along. You were negative and made put-downs on a regular basis; I knew I had no desire spend another moment with you after our business trip concluded. That was fine. Part of business, a...
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    The Emotional Labor of Female Travel Bloggers

    Earlier this year, I joined a group on Facebook called “Female Travel Bloggers.” Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of blogging Facebook groups — they tend to feature a lot of noise and little tangible value. (The big exception ...
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    Why I Moved to Harlem Instead of Brooklyn

    For the longest time, I was certain I would be moving to Brooklyn. It made the most sense — it was cool, most of my friends were there, it wasn’t too far from the airport, and, well, it was cool. The epicenter of all things cool. And I was cool...
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    Visiting Tikal at Sunset

    In the jungles of northeast Guatemala, not far from the Belizean border, you’ll find Tikal National Park — one of the largest Mayan complexes in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the beginning, everyone I know who had been to Tik...
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    Where to Stay in Boston — Best Neighborhoods and Accommodation

    Where are the best neighborhoods and hotels to stay in Boston? I’ve got you covered! Boston is a fantastic city with rich history, beautiful parks, and some of America’s best museums. I grew up in the Boston area and spent several years living ...
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    How to Plan a Day Trip from London to Paris

    A day trip to Paris from London is the perfect addition to a trip to England! Thanks to the fast and efficient Eurostar train, it’s never been easier to visit Paris for a day. Honestly, one day isn’t enough for Paris — ideally, you should...
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    Best Day Trips from Florence, Italy

    Day trips from Florence, Italy can take to the best places in Italy within a few hours. Just hop on a train and in no time you can be riding in a gondola through Venice or sipping wine in Chianti or eating your way through Bologna or taking hilarious selfi...
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    100 Travel Tips for Croatia

    Planning a trip to Croatia? I wish I were joining you! It’s hard to pick a favorite country when you travel as much as I do, but I can’t lie — if I had to choose, it would probably be Croatia. I first wanted to visit Croatia after seeing ...
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    Savannah in Squares and Shadows

    Most destinations give me a chance to fall in love with them on my own terms. Savannah did not do that. Savannah insisted, demanded, and eventually took me by the hand and intoxicated me by force. Did I protest? I wouldn’t dream of it. Savannah, the ...
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    How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

    The following branded content post is brought to you by RXBAR. I’ve been eating roughly two RXBARs per day since the beginning of the year, and their team noticed on social media — so they reached out to do a giveaway together! Working with com...
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    AK Monthly Recap: November 2014

    Well, I finally did it. After two and a half years, I finally took a vacation. But aren’t you always on – STOP! Don’t even! Believe me, I know how ridiculous it sounds. I travel the world full-time, stay in luxury hotels, and people get m...
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    The Art of the Chilled Out Trip to Paris

    Paris is a city that I return to again and again. The city feels like home to me — and for that reason, my more recent visits are less about sightseeing and more about chilling out. For me, what I enjoy most is the feeling of being in Paris. You can&...
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    How to Fall in Love with Kraków in 30 Steps

    I wondered if I was doing myself a disservice, waiting so long to visit Kraków and Poland as a whole. As much as I hate to admit it, you do lose a bit of sense of wonder when you travel constantly. Would I greet Kraków with the enthusiasm of my early twent...
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    Off the Beaten Path in Italy — A Tour by Vespa!

    The following branded content post is brought to you by The Vespa Trip, an easy and fun way to tour Italy while riding a Vespa. As soon as I heard about this trip, it sounded awesome and I had the feeling you guys would love hearing about it! One of my fav...
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    Solo Female Travel in the Middle East — Is it Safe?

    Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in the Middle East? It’s far safer than the media would have it appear, and with the proper planning and precautions, it can absolutely be safe. For this piece, I decided to bring in an expert on solo female tra...
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    This Year, Join Me in a 12-Book Reading Challenge

    Every other year, I take on an ambitious 52-book reading challenge. This year, I want to do something easier with less pressure — and I’d like you to join me. How about we all do a simple reading challenge together? The Challenge: 12 Books in 2...
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    My Favorite Moments in Antarctica

    My trip to Antarctica was one of the most moving and inspiring journeys I’ve ever taken. Without a doubt, Antarctica is the best place I’ve ever been, as well as the most beautiful. I’ve written about how Antarctica shattered my ego, chan...
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    Thoughts on Train Travel in America

    I often get asked what other countries have that the U.S. doesn’t. My answer is always the same: a more comprehensive train system. I love trains. From the sleek bullet trains of Japan to the impossibly comfortable cars on Austria’s first-class...
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    AK Monthly Recap: October 2015

    Happy November, everyone! I’ve arrived back at home in Massachusetts after a busy month of jetting around Europe and the United States. This month proved one thing for sure: at this point in my life, the guiding force in my travels is going wherever ...
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    Why I Don’t Carry On My Luggage

    “When you meet a vegan who does Crossfit, which one do they talk to you about first?” “OHHHHHHH! It’s funny because it’s truuuuuuue!” as the Family Guy character would say. But I can think of a third type of person who a...
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    I’m Off to Britain to Sample the Gin

    Well, that’s certainly a way to end Sober September. I’m heading back to Europe for a few weeks this October, and I’m kicking things off with a boozy trip around Britain. Alongside Matt of LandLopers and Rachelle of The Travel Bite, IR...
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    AK Monthly Recap: July 2014

    Two new countries, two festivals, five new World Heritage Sites — this July was a month of accomplishment. From my base in London, I continued my busy schedule with trips to Slovenia and Finland. Destinations Visited London, United Kingdom Ljubljana,...
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