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    Sri Lanka From Above: Climbing Sigirya

    France has the Eiffel Tower. Egypt has the pyramids. China has the Great Wall. Three different countries, but they have something in common: there is a monument that epitomizes or even defines the country to outsiders. And even though the Eiffel Tower does...
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    AK Monthly Recap: December 2015

    How do I even characterize a month like this? It’s hard to say. This month was spend pinging around the world, from Thailand back to the States. I had pushed myself too far and was burned out beyond belief. At the same time, I was dealing with the re...
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    A Day Trip to Andorra from Barcelona

    The mysterious country Andorra wasn’t on my original itinerary for Europe this summer. From my launch pad in Copenhagen, I planned to head to Athens, then upward into Albania and through the Balkans until I arrived in Belgrade. In fact, I had no flig...
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    Visiting South Africa in the Winter: Worth It or Not?

    “You’re going to South Africa in the winter? Why?!” This was the reaction of most of my South African friends upon learning of my July travel plans. Truth, I very rarely travel during the low season anywhere; for me, it’s not worth ...
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    My Plan for 2017: A Commitment to Fitness

    For years, I lived my life with one solid focus: to travel the world as much as possible and build my career as a travel blogger. And it was good. Lord, was it good. But over time, I learned that being singularly focused means that everything else in your ...
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    A Perfect Day in Playa El Tunco, El Salvador

    Coming to Central America, I had no idea that one of my favorite places would be a two street town on the coast of El Salvador. But El Tunco was so much more than I expected. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of my extended time in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, ...
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    Five Years of Travel Blogging: Hitting the Reset Button

    On this day five years ago, I was putting together the elements of this blog. Securing hosting, buying a theme, working out every detail so that it would be set for its first post to go live on February 6. Five years. Not a lot of us make it to five years....
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    The Waterfalls of Krka National Park, Croatia

    If you love waterfalls, Croatia is a fantastic country to visit. Thanks to a jagged coastline and mountains flush with rivers, waterfalls thrive in this beautiful nation. Plitvice Lakes National Park in particular is world-famous for its waterfalls (in fac...
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    Scenes from the Cotswolds

    Having lived in and traveled extensively throughout the UK, I’ve gotten to know the country well and have been continuously discovering new places to visit. Some of them are still my most-wanted destinations: beach-hopping in Cornwall, hiking in St. ...
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    16 Reasons to Fall in Love with Savannah, Georgia

    Two years ago, I visited the city of Savannah, Georgia, for the first time — and it immediately became one of my favorite places in the world. Since then, I’ve been wanting to get back. Savannah is a place that I feel viscerally. A few other ci...
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    What to Wear in Antarctica: Packing List for Women

    I don’t usually stress about packing, but packing for Antarctica was the most nerve-wracking experience I’ve ever had! What if I forgot something critical? You can’t exactly run to Target when you’re at the bottom of the world! Luckily, I soon ...
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    New in New York — The Latest Edition

    Here’s one thing I will never do in New York: run around like mad trying to see as many sights as humanly possible. I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m never going to see everything that I want to see — so I don’t try. I mo...
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    Bachelorettes on the Run in Portland, Maine

    Despite being a native New Englander, it took 30 years for me to make it to Portland, Maine! That shouldnt have happened! ‘t was high on my list of places to see – it’s a very foodie-oriented city, on so many “up and coming” lists, and only two hours...
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    Vail, Colorado, Might Be Better in the Summer!

    Lately, I’ve been diligent about visiting my most egregious travel oversights. In the past year, I finally made it to places like Miami and Poland; prior to that, I checked off Berlin, Amsterdam, and Chicago. But what was one major oversight that I s...
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    My Favorite Reads of 2015

    Challenge complete! Late in 2014, I decided to take on PopSugar’s 2015 Book Challenge, requiring me to read 52 books in 50 different genres. The result? This is probably the most I’ve read in a single year, and by far the most diverse array of ...
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    My Favorite New Travel Destinations of 2015

    Every year, I love to look back at my travels and choose my favorite new destinations of the year. In 2014, some of my favorite new destinations were Finland, Sri Lanka, and Savannah, Georgia. In 2013, some of my favorite new destinations were Japan, Maced...
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    My Favorite Reads of 2016

    2016 was the year that my reading habits changed significantly. Casual reading no longer satisfies me. These days, a book either needs to feature excellent writing or teach me something new, or it won’t hold my interest. I used to need to alternate b...
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    Is it Safe to Travel to Greece Right Now? Absolutely.

    After spending time in Greece this summer, I’ve constantly been slammed by questions from travelers with one eye on their vacations and another on Greece’s financial crisis. Is it safe to travel to Greece right now? My short answer: ABSOLUTELY....
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    AK Monthly Recap: June 2016

    June 2016 will forever be known as the month that I saw Hamilton. Really, everything else fades to black and white when measured up against Hamilton. I can’t remember the last time a performance affected me this much! But beyond that, there was a lot...
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    AK Monthly Recap: December 2016

    And just like that, 2016 is over. It couldn’t have come soon enough. I didn’t buy into the “Fuck 2016” memes until the election in November, and then I was fully on board. Talk about an awful year. Now that it’s 2017, even tho...
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    I Saw Hamilton and Yes, It Really Is That Great

    I made a very impulsive purchase last Friday: one ticket to see Hamilton the very next day. My one-sentence review: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.” Hamilton is the most popular Broadway show in years — possibly even deca...
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    Five Strange and Unusual Benefits of Solo Travel

    There are so many incredible benefits to solo travel: you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. You develop incredible confidence. You can change your plans on a whim. It’s easier to interact with locals and learn the local language. You can t...
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    An Epic Stay at New York’s Hippest Hotel

    I think I’ve ruined myself for life. Before this December, I had never stayed at a hotel in New York before. Not just in Manhattan — no hotel anywhere in or near the city. I’ve got a lot of friends and family in New York; they kindly let ...
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    Make This The Year You Start Your Own Business

    Looking back over the past decade, I’m shocked at how much the business world has changed. Just a few years ago, there was only one socially acceptable route: get a full-time job and work there as long as you can. Maybe do something creative on the s...
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    Scenes from England’s Lake District

    If you’re a longtime reader, you might remember my stint living in Chester, northwest England. Though Chester was a tough place to live as an outsider and especially an American, I loved exploring the region, a place that so many people overlook. The...
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    How to Plan a Day Trip from London to Paris

    A day trip to Paris from London is the perfect addition to a trip to England! Thanks to the fast and efficient Eurostar train, it’s never been easier to visit Paris for a day. Honestly, one day isn’t enough for Paris — ideally, you should...
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    Don’t Expect Travel To Solve Your Problems

    Sometimes I worry about the narrative that we travel publishers put out there: “Quit your job, travel the world, and all your problems will be solved.” Almost none of us actually say that — or mean it. But when you add up all the travel memoirs...
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    AK Monthly Recap: January 2018

    This month was all about moving. In fact, I didn’t leave New York once within the month. This is the third time in two years that I’ve gone a full month without leaving the city, and I’ve made my peace with it, but I’m looking forwa...
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    Sri Lanka, What Took Me So Long?

    If you’re a very longtime reader, you might remember this very early post, which I wrote back in 2010 just before leaving on my six-month trip to Southeast Asia that unexpectedly turned into four years and counting around the world. (What a baby blog...
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    AK Monthly Recap: July 2016

    Finally, after seven months stateside, I broke out my worn navy passport and traveled abroad once again! I needed a break, but I still can’t believe it lasted seven months. This month was about South Africa. My friend Beth and I spent just over two w...
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