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    Join Our Tour in El Salvador and Guatemala this March!

    Image: alq666 “Kate, can I come traveling with you?” It’s one of the questions I get the most, and I’m happy to share that the time is finally now. Leif from The Runaway Guide and I are running a tour to El Salvador and Guatemala th...
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    Ask Kate: I’m Not Enjoying My Travels

    What happens when the trip of your dreams isn’t turning out as planned? This reader wants to know. Hi Kate,I’m currently farming with WWOOF in Spain, and I’ve spent about two months here so far. In between farms I have visited various cit...
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    A Dreamy Trip to South Wales

    Wales is a bit of a peculiar destination. It doesn’t have the fame or glory of England or Scotland, but it’s brimming with just as many treasures. So many people want to visit Wales — but they’re not sure where to begin. Why is that...
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    When the Photography Gods Don’t Smile Upon You

    If I were a more professional photographer, my travels would be very different. I’d do a lot more research beforehand, scoping out the best places to take the shots I wanted. I’d wake up before sunrise on a regular basis (the horror!) and plan ...
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    AK Monthly Recap: September 2014

    I am home in Massachusetts and it feels GREAT. After a year and a half of constantly moving, it has been an absolute treat to be based in one place for more than two weeks at a time. So many of my stresses have melted away! I’ve been spending time wi...
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    Privilege in the Gardens

    It’s a sunny February afternoon in Yountville, California, in the heart of Napa Valley. My fellow bloggers and I just finished a sumptuous lunch at Michael Chiarello’s Bottega, easily a new contender for one of the best meals of my life, and ha...
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    AK Monthly Recap: January 2016

    Last month, I said that my one and only goal was to find an apartment in New York. So did I succeed? YES! I GOT A PLACE. I saw five apartments in total and fell in love with the second one on sight. The entire process was difficult and nerve-wracking and I...
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    San Blas Bay: A Hidden Beach in Malta

    In a country as tiny as Malta, there aren’t many new places to discover. Every geographic nook and cranny is well-documented — and if any two Maltese meet, I guarantee they will have at least have a few friends in common! But if there is such t...
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  • Solo travelers over 40

    Solo Female Travelers Over 40

    When I first started blogging in early 2010, solo female travel was a barely trodden topic. The concept of long-term solo travel hadn’t even crossed my mind until I was 22. Solo female travel was especially unusual in my home country, the United Stat...
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    My Favorite Moments in Antarctica

    My trip to Antarctica was one of the most moving and inspiring journeys I’ve ever taken. Without a doubt, Antarctica is the best place I’ve ever been, as well as the most beautiful. I’ve written about how Antarctica shattered my ego, chan...
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    AK Monthly Recap: March 2018

    If my travel life can be cleaved neatly in half, this is the month where it should be done. Before Antarctica. After Antarctica. The most important, moving, and beautiful trip of my life. Half the month was spent on board the Ocean Diamond, with seven days...
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    My Love Affair with Scotland

    The question I get more often than any other is, “So what’s your favorite place?” Truth? I understand why people ask me this question, but I hate this question. Most other travel bloggers hate it, too. It’s not just that we get aske...
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    On Influence, and Using It Wisely

    This week, Forbes named me one of their Top 10 Travel Influencers of 2017. You can also read CNN Travel’s piece about it here. I’m deeply honored. After working so hard for so long, it’s gratifying to receive this kind of recognition, and...
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    Introducing My New Apartment!

    You know, I wasn’t sure if this was the right time to reveal my apartment to the world. Originally, I wanted to wait until I got art on the walls, decorated it more, and had a completely staged apartment to reveal. Then I remembered that you guys alw...
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    “How Can I Travel and Make Money Like You, Kate?”

    A few times a week, I get asked the same question: “How do I travel the world and make money?” “How can I do what you do, Kate?” Or “What do you think the chances are that I could start to make money while on this trip?”...
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    The UNESCO Hunt: 72-81

       While it’s been more than a year since I made it my goal to visit 101 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, things slowed way down in Asia and North America over the winter. Don’t get me wrong — there are sites in Asia and North America, but it...
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  • The most importantitem i pack

    The Most Important Item I Pack: Pacsafe Travelsafe Review

    The single most important item I pack on my travels is my portable safe: my Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L. For years, I’ve been recommending this product to every traveler I know. Budget, luxury, mid-range, family, solo, everything. I’ve urged everyon...
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    The Most Colorful City of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    There’s so much I have to write about San Juan del Sur. I planned on coming for three days; I ended up staying for eight. I haven’t felt such a strong pull to a place in a long time. At times it almost felt like a time warp — traveling ba...
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    Vintage Valletta: The Least Capital-Like Capital

    When you think of capital cities, what comes to mind? Embassies. Bureaucrats. People in suits. Endless meetings. People so protective of their government-oriented careers that they wouldn’t dare rat out an enemy — well, unless they were Frank Underwo...
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    Requiem for a Beloved Purple Dress

    Four and a half years ago, I found myself shipwrecked and posession-less in Indonesia. After jumping off a boat and swimming for my life in the middle of the night, I ended up with only four pieces of clothing: my Vang Vieng tubing t-shirt, my black and bl...
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    On Living in Perpetual Motion

    It’s Monday in Mallorca and your jeans need to be replaced. They’re the only pair you brought for this trip, and you’ve dropped so much weight in recent months (GOOD THING!) that that they’re barely hanging on your hips, fitting you...
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    The Miracle Church of Mosta, Malta

    If anywhere on the planet is more Catholic than the Vatican, it’s Malta. From giant paintings of the Virgin Mary hanging in Maltese bedrooms to religious festas with saints carried through the street each summer to incredibly ornate churches thanks t...
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    Should You Use a Diva Cup?

    Dear Male Readers of Adventurous Kate: I love you, I appreciate you, you make up one third of my audience, but while I know you enjoy many of my female-oriented posts, today’s post is not going to be enjoyable for you. If you’re a dude, I sugge...
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    How to Survive Pre-Trip Anxiety

    I wrote the first draft of this post on my flight from JFK to Cartagena, and I’m embarrassed to say that I almost didn’t get on the plane. As the departure date of my Colombia trip loomed, knots grew in my stomach. Was I only traveling because I thought I ...
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    My Favorite Day in Central America — Semuc Champey

    What makes a perfect day? I’m not talking about one of the days I had a water fight in Bangkok, or the day I danced with Vikings in Shetland, or the day I went croc cage diving (in South Africa or Australia), or the day in high school my friends and ...
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    Rocking Out at Cologne Music Festival

    When New Year’s 2014 rolled around, I didn’t think I would be visiting Germany at all this year. How wrong I was! By August, I had visited Leipzig, Wilhelmshaven, Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck, Berlin, Potsdam, and finally Cologne and Brühl. With the...
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    AK Monthly Recap: October 2016

    Do you remember last month, when I told you I had a trip coming up to a destination I couldn’t name just yet? At the time of publication, I was deep in contract negotiations and couldn’t say anything yet. But if you’ve been following me o...
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    Solo Female Travel in New York City — Is it Safe?

    Is it safe for a woman to travel to New York alone? Absolutely. And I would know: I’m a travel writer specializing in solo female travel who lives in New York City. Since moving here, dozens if not hundreds of women have asked me the same question: I...
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    The Truth About Extreme Budget Travel

    What does budget travel mean to you? For some of my friends, it means downgrading to a three-star hotel instead of a luxury property. For others, it’s giving up their private rooms for hostel dorms. Budget travel is unique to everyone. The broadest d...
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    7 Fantastic Food Experiences in Chicago

    As soon as I decided to visit Chicago for a few days, I began planning meticulously. I started talking to everyone I knew who lived in Chicago or had visited there. I asked questions, took notes, even had a document in my Evernote compiling my information....
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