• Lenovo yoga 900

    4 tried and tested travel accessories from my latest trip

    On our latest trip, we spent a weekend in Warwickshire at the end of the half term holidays, staying at Chestnut Cottage, whilst our boys sailed in a competition. Whilst we were away, we got to try out a few new products which we detail below. Yoga Busines...
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  • Umaid bhawan

    Celebrate in style: India and Sri Lanka

    India and Sri Lanka both offer unlimited potential for creating celebrations of a lifetime. Gather up your favourite people in the world and head east for an adventure to never forget – whether in a Maharaja’s palace rising out of the desert or a tro...
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  • Img 1524

    5 special stopovers in the Southern Cape, South Africa

    If you are thinking about a travel holiday in a place that is far removed from crowds of tourists and long lines of sightseers, with luxury accommodation, breath-taking scenery and a surprise or two, the south-east of South Africa should be on your list fo...
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  • La quinta

    Top Californian desert escapes

    If you are seeking some serious self-indulgence in the Californian desert, then look no further. California’s desert resorts know how to do luxury. With dramatic backdrops, from the towering mountains and manicured lawns of the Joshua Tree National Park to...
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  • Lasarte

    The top Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona

    It’s a known fact that Barcelona is home to thousands of incredible restaurants, so it’s no surprise that Michelin stars are aplenty in the Mediterranean city, which boasts 30 in total! If (very) fine dining is on the agenda during your time in Barcelona, ...
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  • Old mondoro

    5 of Africa’s best eco-lodges

    Africa boasts an incredible selection of stunning places to stay, from beach resorts on otherwise uninhabited islands to stylish boutique hotels in thriving cities. Eco-tourism is defined by The International Ecotourism Society as “responsible travel to na...
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  • Dscf3175

    Solo Female Travel in Thailand — Is it Safe?

    I’ve traveled solo in Thailand several times in the past seven years. I consider it one of the best destinations in the world for women traveling on their own, including first-time solo female travelers. There are a number of guides out there, but th...
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  • Img 20170902 143635

    How Much Does it Cost to Travel? Two Weeks in Uzbekistan

    Welcome to our ongoing series that asks: How Much Does it Cost to Travel? The goal of this series is to provide you with real budgets people have used for trips they have actually taken. This could be anything from a long weekend in Miami to 6 months backp...
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  • Pila italy

    Top 5 hidden gem ski resorts in the world

    What could be more luxurious than having your own slice of ski heaven? Quiet slopes are just as important as perfect powder and first-class services, which is why we’ve put together our top five secret ski destinations in the world. Pila, Italy Pila ...
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  • Video of the week: Norway 8K

    Norway 8K shows the wild landscapes of Norway in ultra high resolution. From the coastal peaks of the Lofoten and Senja Islands to the fjords and highlands of southern Norway, this video was shot by Timestorm Films over a 4 week period whilst driving over ...
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  • Turtle mural by etien zagreb photo by andrea pisac

    A Local Guide to Zagreb

    Zagreb has for a long time lived in the shadow of the more popular Croatian coast. But now things are looking up for the country’s capital city. Just this year, Lonely Planet placed it at the top of their hotlist of Europe destinations. And Zagreb Advent f...
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  • One and only

    Luxury Cape Town hotels: the 7 wonders of the Mother City

    Cape Town is a popular cosmopolitan city in South Africa, renowned for its beautiful scenery, fantastic entertainment opportunities and luxurious accommodation. The city is a must-visit on any South African adventure, and makes for an excellent holiday des...
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  • 27334387211 8cf7e39cf1 b

    The Monkeys of Gibraltar

    Note: We were in Spain last spring, but work on the book meant that I haven’t gotten around to blogging about a lot of the places we visited. In keeping with the better-late-than-never mindset that characterizes much of my life, I’m finally wri...
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  • Walls at el brujo

    5 great reasons to visit northern Peru

    Northern Peru has been neglected by Western visitors for years, often overlooked for the more developed south, and the lure of Machu Picchu. But the times they are a-changin’, and Peru’s little-known north is rapidly becoming one of South America’s up-and-...
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  • Dscf9769

    The Best Halloween Dogs in Hamilton Heights, Harlem

    I wasn’t a dog person until I moved to New York. I didn’t grow up with dogs (or any pets larger than a rodent, for that matter), and I never really knew how to interact with them. Spending time on Bali in 2011 and being cornered by barking stre...
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  • 3 gv hotel

    Top 5 spots for afternoon tea in Edinburgh

    Though the Scottish capital city is brimming with all manner of things to see and do, after a lengthy day of exploring, there’s sometimes nothing better than savouring a cup of tea and a scone with your feet up! Whether cute and cosy or luxurious and decad...
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  • Img 3564

    Megan’s Story: Moving to London and When a Trip is Awful

    Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve given any personal updates here on Why Wait and that needs to change! The past 8 months of running this blog have been such a whirlwind, I’ve forgotten why I wanted to do this in the first place! To...
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  • 3zinnen

    5 reasons to choose The Three Peaks for a Winter holiday in the Dolomites

    The ski resort of Three Peaks Dolomites is located in South Tyrol amidst the Unesco World Heritage Dolomites. It remains an undiscovered and uncrowded ski experience even after winning multiple awards. The ski runs are perfectly groomed and with an efficie...
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  • Vienna avoid tourist crowds 07

    5 ways to outsmart the tourist crowds in Vienna

    With more and more tourists succumbing to Vienna’s old world lure there are five effective ways to stay off the tourist crowds. When visiting this top cultural capital have your cake and eat it, but do it the smart way. Accommodation: boutique and ne...
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  • Tortilla con boletus

    Recipe of the week: Tortilla con boletus

    When taking over the family business, Chef Juanjo López realised he had to stay loyal to the authenticity and intensity of traditional flavours. Among the worldwide known Spanish dishes is tortilla. Some like it with onion, some without. Some crave it runn...
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  • Dubrovnik luxury villa in croatia reasonable price

    Top 6 destinations for an affordable luxury villa in Croatia

    Did you know that on 2nd November 2017 Croatia was voted the best country in the world in the 2017 World Country Awards? It is also ranked in the Rough Guides’ top 20 beautiful countries in the world; although this is not surprising given its vast ra...
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  • Fullsizerender 3

    AK Monthly Recap: October 2017

    October in New York is fantastic. The best month of the year. And this was actually my first time experiencing an October in New York! Last October was split between Poland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Australia. I think October is a fantastic month t...
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  • Tartiflette 460x385

    5 mountain dishes that are perfect for skiers

    Skiing involves gallons of fresh air, exercise and adrenaline. So, your body needs regular fuel to make the most of that precious week on the piste. And what can be more welcome than to stomp the snow off your boots and walk into the warm steamy atmosphere...
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  • Video of the week: The Loch Ness watchman

    The Loch Ness Monster is one of our most enduring myths. People have sought to uncover ol’ Nessie’s secrets for 1,500 years. But only one man has devoted his life to learning the truth… and living alone in a van by the loch to do so. Meet Steve Felth...
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  • Dscf9113

    A Getaway to Tybee Island — Savannah’s Beach

    So many destinations could be summed up with, “If only it had a beach, it would be perfect.” It’s a designation that Barcelona and Miami hold with pride; it’s something that New Orleans and Tokyo wish they had. Having beach access e...
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  • Zipline

    The world’s longest and highest zip line

    The world’s longest and highest zip line will officially open on the UAE’s highest peak, Jebel Jais, next month. With the exact length of the zip line remaining a closely-guarded secret until the multi-million dollar adventure tourism product&#...
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  • The garden room

    5 great reasons to visit Dublin

    It may be a small, but there’s a reason why Dublin has such a big reputation. From cobbled streets to traditional pubs and more literary greats than you can shake a stick at, history and culture simply pervade this city. Dublin offers visitors the best of ...
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  • Amansara mercedes

    Special feature: Amansara, Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Siem Reap in Cambodia draws in more than four million tourists a year, which is four times more than a decade ago. And tourists and travelers alike are all there to see one thing: Angkor Wat. The ancient temples and complex of Angkor, set on the outskirts ...
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  • Doges palace inside the courtyard

    7 secret ways to visit St. Mark’s Square, Venice (while avoiding the crowds and staying cool)

    Everyone that visits Venice will go to St. Mark’s Square, period. And you must as well. But how can you do it differently than the millions of selfie-taking tourists while garnering food for your brain and staying cool to boot? Most consider St. Mark’s Squ...
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  • Chestnut cottage sign

    Short stay: Chestnut Cottage, Arbor Holiday and Knightcote Farm Cottages, Warwickshire

    Our latest stay was at Chestnut Cottage close to the wonderfully-named village of Bishops Itchington – a VisitEngland 5 Star Gold Award property located just a short distance from the M40 motorway in Warwickshire, and listed on the Premier Cottages w...
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